Escorts, Courtisean Services, Call Girls, This small site is simply a primer for the visitor, here I will explain about the different options for the visitor while including my own prejudice as well.

This profession has been around since the bibical times and Israel like every society on this planet has its own.

Of the escorting working girls there are two main types, those who work for escort agencies and those who work as private independent girls. (I have no knowledge of those who walk the streets or work in brothals).


The agencies offer a wide variety of girls with the service being very inconsistent. Most of the girls are not "local" but are here for a few weeks or months at time before they move on to another country. Their english can be from non-existant to very good. Their services and attitudes will vary just as much. Their websites will also vary in quality. Most of them showing beautiful professional pictures of girls that will not show up at your hotel room. Mind you there are exceptions to this, and a few sites have their actual pictures with some very good photoshoping as well.

The only real way to know of the service is through the local forums of those who have visited with the girls (usually all in Hebrew).


Private girls - sugar daddy

There ae a few websites it Israel that go the "sugar daddy route." In general these are private women that are looking to add to their income. In essence they are not really different from the private independent student / escort that has her own website. The servcies offered are similar but the process to set up a meeting much longer and hence are not much use for the visitor (The sites are also Hebrew ).


Private girls - Independents

These girls are my preferences. They have in essence 3 options to advertise for you to find them. They can pay for ads on the local portals (Hebrew). These are the main route for a local girl to advertise, the target clients being mostly local. These are not for our visitor, as it will be virtually impossible for the visitor to get a clear picture of the type of girl and service that is being offered.

More relevant are the international portals (openadultdirectry, backpage, cityoflove....), where the language is English and these are designed for the visitor. The problem with many of these are that they can be litterly flooded with girls from agencies "pretending to be independents." The pictures are almost always not of the girl (exceptions do exist), while at the same time the person on the other end of the phone/will claim that they are real.

Reading between the lines, and with a few phone calls or emails you can usually get a feeling if your talking/chatting/emailing the girl or her "manager." There is a forum in english that can help, though its not that active:


My favorite- private girls with websites

These girls strike me as being of a difference class in general. Understanding that to find the "quality client" defined as the vistor to Israel, one has to project "quality. These girls put the time in to have a website designed, pictures either taken or found that are similar to their own bodies an investment in ads in the international portals as well as in SEO (search engine optimization for google), and a site written in English.

These girls in general are a bit more educated than the typical working girl in Israel, have good command of the English language and in general are more pleasant to visit with.

On the downside, they usually have a life outside of escorting (student, mother, profession) and may be a bit more difficult to work out a visiting time or they may be a bit more selective as to whom they are visiting with, Usually their websites have their restrictions clearly written.

H0w to find the independents

Google is good first start: using the terms, escort, private, independent, tel aviv, you will usually find such girls as


Be Careful

The escort agencies are very sophisticated in "selling their product" with the standard "bait and switch". (your order a young large breasted blonde" and 50 minutes later somebody else, shows up at your door. They may use multiple phone numbers and emails to give you the feeling that they are infact independent girls.


*favored status



I hope you found this useful and enjoy the fruits of our independent working girls. And though I may or may not answer any questions you can try: